4 Apps You Need to Survive the Holiday Season

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From figuring out what to buy your family and friends, to finding the best deals and fighting holiday crowds, calling the holiday season the most stressful time of the year is an absolute understatement. Finding the best gifts that are the right price for your budget can sometimes feel near impossible, making the holiday shopping process even harder to get through. Fortunately, there is an immense selection of apps available for users to download that are specifically designed to help make your shopping experience a little bit easier. Want to know which “must have” apps people swear by during the holiday season? Here are 4 to consider:

Top E-commerce Retail Apps for the Holidays

The “cartwheel offers” feature within Target’s app is essentially a housing center for their current deals and coupons, allowing people to quickly access any promotions.


The “cartwheel offers” feature within Target’s app is essentially a housing center for their current deals and coupons, allowing people to quickly access any promotions. Within each product category, users are able to browse through hundreds of offers all in one place. The app also allows people to scan barcodes for prices, read product reviews, and even pay and save through the Wallet feature. With Target being such a hotspot for holiday shoppers, consumers have taken advantage of the vast number of “Cartwheel” deals available. And for good reason!


SnipSnap Coupon App

Each holiday season, retailers send out large coupon catalogs featuring their best offers, but how are shoppers supposed to keep track of so many? The SnipSnap Coupon App makes this possible. This app converts coupons from print to digital, allowing users to simply snap a photo and use the coupon via their mobile phone. After the photo is taken, the software program converts the text, image and barcode into a mobile-friendly offer that retailers can scan directly. Rather than gathering multiple coupons and stuffing them into an envelope, this app allows people to “carry” several different coupons on a single device, making it easier to sort through and use. Another benefit to this app is its coupon housing feature.  Every time someone snaps a coupon, the database scans the information and stores it, meaning users can also search for other deals they may not have received on their own. With so many coupon options all in one place, this app makes for the perfect holiday steal.



If you like awesome deals, RetailMeNot is another coupon app you should never shop without. RetailMeNot is an app where users can browse through thousands of coupons and current deals at any store of choice. By simply searching the store name, people can browse through available offers, save ones they wish to use and redeem at checkout by scanning the barcode directly from the app. Consumers can also use their current location to look for any coupons available at nearby stores. This provides an easy way for shoppers to see what offers each store has and compare them to others, ensuring they don’t lose out on any chances to score awesome deals. The coupon codes work for both in-store and online purchases, making the app very appealing to all buyers. From food, to fashion, beauty products and even car rentals, the RetailMeNot app makes saving easier than ever.


UPS Mobile

If you are a frequent UPS customer, the UPS Mobile app is something you should not go without, especially during the holiday season. This app lets users track shipments, receive updates on package deliveries, view live maps of delivery drivers’ locations, authorize drivers to leave packages without a signature and more. UPS Mobile provides a user-friendly interface, making it easier for buyers to access several tracking and delivery functions while on the go. With the craziness of the holidays and constantly changing schedules, ensuring packages are delivered on-time at the right location is key, and the UPS Mobile app makes that possible.