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At Frenik, we get it.

You’re here because some fancy, overpriced, big-words-using marketing agency made a mess of your business. Welcome to the wacky & budget-wasting world of pseudoscience. Pretty much, it’s bad ideas transformed into worse results.


That other agency fooled you, spinning baseless assumptions into theories; bias into methods; dataless metrics into reports. In the end, your business was left with products or services that failed to connect with consumers. Now, with each hour, your digital footprint continues to fade. So does your market share.


You deserve better

That’s what we offer at Frenik Marketing Group, a collection of growth experts, master persuaders and problem solvers intent on leveraging technology to identify, reach and inspire.


Curious, agile and optimistic, our strategies and solutions never settle for quick, easy, obvious. Instead, we embrace each client, each project — every task — with the energy it deserves. Don’t like what people are saying about your business?

Save the B.S. Change the conversation with Frenik.

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we love giving back

Even as we’ve grown, our community matters and we like to stay a part of it.

Aurora Theater | Website Redesign + New Ticketing System

“The Aurora Theater is a cornerstone of Lawrenceville and the fastest growing professional theater in the state of Georgia. When they reached out to us to rebuild their website, I jumped at the chance to partner with them.”

— Jordan, Founder & CEO

“Typically, non-profit logos have a very specific look and feel, so giving HomeFirst a creative departure from the norm felt really good. Plus, when I think about all the good they will do, it is awesome to know I played a small part in that.”

Ilyse, Frenik Designer
Sparc | Community center renovation + food drive

“I know I speak for everyone at Frenik when I say this was a project near and dear to our hearts. The work we did for SPARC was truly one of my proudest moments. This was a hands-on project and I feel so honored to have played a part in helping SPARC fulfill it’s mission for single parents.”

Jordan, Frenik Founder
nhs foundation | website design + Development

“Both our founder, Jordan, and I are graduates of Norcross High School. To give back to the community that gave us so much and support the Foundation is a dream come true. It really feels like we’ve come full circle! Go Blue Devils!”

Casey, Senior Creative Director