How Much Does Video Production Cost?

The value of video marketing on the modern internet is no secret. Video is everywhere these days, and more and more businesses are diving into the market with the hopes of grabbing the attention of their target demographic.

Of course, shortly after getting started with video, many marketing departments bump into an unfortunate reality – creating great video is hard. Sure, we all have a video camera built into our phones, but using that camera to create a marketing asset you can be proud of is a big challenge.

Turning to a video production company to do the work is a common solution – but how much does that cost? If professional video production fits into your marketing budget, it’s an option that should be carefully considered.


As you might suspect, the answer to the question of how much video production costs is a little disappointing because it varies so much from project to project. It would be nice if there was a single price that could be quoted for all video production tasks, but that’s just not realistic. There is far too much variation from one project to the next to cover everything with a single pricing model.

You might see some reference in the industry to each minute of produced video costing $1,000 in total. That number may be helpful as a (very) rough starting point, but don’t use that for any kind of serious budgeting. The only way to zero in on what it will cost you to have a video produced for your business is to start talking with video production companies about your plans and their services.

What might help you get a better handle on this topic is thinking about what will drive the cost of video production up or down. Time is money, of course, so there will be a direct correlation between the amount of time the video production team needs to spend on the project and how much it will cost.

It’s important to remember that the time the team spends on the job is not necessarily related to the final length of the video. It’s entirely possible to spend twice as long on a five-minute video as a ten-minute video, depending on the demands and expectations for each piece.

Businesses comfortable with a bare-bones operation that will create a professional video without many bells and whistles can outsource this kind of work for a modest price. As you add more and more requirements to the project, however – such as specific locations, custom graphics, etc. – the cost quickly rises.

If you decide to get professional help on your video production work, turn to Frenik Marketing Group right away. This is one of our specialties, and you can trust that our work will exceed your expectations at every turn. Thank you for visiting and we hope to serve you soon!