4 Reasons to Work with a Local Marketing Firm

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When the millions of small and medium-sized businesses in America need to grow, many of them turn to a marketing firm. There are thousands across the country, and no two are exactly alike. This presents a unique challenge when the time comes to choose a marketing firm. It is a huge decision, considering that they will oftentimes control your social media accounts, website, and your overall consumer-facing identity. With all these choices available, and dozens are national conglomerates, why choose a local firm?

Benefits of Local Marketing Firms

Local marketing firms are good at acquiring local clients, but are even better at keeping them.


1. We know your audience as well as you do. This one is just common sense. If you are in Duluth, GA and your marketing firm is in San Jose, CA, there is no way they are going to know the ins and outs of your community. Not only that, but local firms are great at benchmarking your business against other local businesses who are already where you want to be. This knowledge could end up saving you time and money when it comes to implementing your strategy and achieving your goals.

2. We take extra special care of our customers. Local marketing firms are good at acquiring local clients, but are even better at keeping them. This is not just because of our profound knowledge of the community and your customers. When you call us at 8 O’clock at night, we answer. When you have a question, we will sit down with you to answer it. When you have a problem, we make it our number one priority to fix it. As a small company, we are also very well equipped to tailor our approach individually to each client. Whereas some larger firms have pre-determined service offerings, we can adjust to a client’s needs and even incorporate new technologies as soon as they become available.


3. We’re talented. As a local firm with a great culture, we are able to attract and keep the most talented content designers, web developers, videographers, etc. Additionally, we can offer all the same services as a large firm. Need a video? Our video production department will handle everything from pre-production, to filming, to post-production. Need brand identity? Our content developers and graphic designers will work together to develop a brand strategy and develop new visuals for your website, business cards, brochures, mobile apps, and more. This, among a long list of other services, allow us to provide you with best product and the best end result: success.


4. We cost less. This one is almost as obvious as number one. We don’t have a skyscraper, thousands of employees, or a company plane. Because we don’t have monthly overhead in the millions of dollars, we are able to provide small and medium-sized businesses with a unique value proposition: the quality and service offerings of a multibillion-dollar firm at a small-business cost. No, we can’t offer you a ride on our company jet, but we can offer you the resources to help you reach your goals.