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Our award-winning influencer marketing agency delivers consumer engagement and

ROI at scale by leveraging a proprietary 4-step system for your influencer campaigns.

Whether you’re looking for an influencer marketing company to make your brand seen

by millions or just a few thousand of your ideal customers, the team Frenik can deliver.


We helped this innovative, political NFT project reach over 1.3MM crypto enthusiasts and build a list of over 4,000 buyers to jumpstart their initial sales offering.

Upstart buyers

After leveraging our influencer marketing services, this print on demand technology company was able to create thousands of online stores for influencers and brands alike.

online stores for influencers and brands

This local fitness studio leveraged influencer campaigns to drive thousands of free class redemptions which resulted in hundreds of new customers across 3 locations.

new customers across 3 locations

Stragety that works

Efficient Influencer Marketing Strategies

  • Influencer Outreach & Selection
  • Creative Oversight
  • Amplification With Paid Ads
  • Reporting On Metrics That Matter

Influencer Outreach & Selection

Our team creates a unique influencer pitch kit which is sent to a curated list of highly vetted influencers that meet your brand’s criteria. We handle all of the outreach, selection, payment, and other mundane tasks required for a successful campaign so you don’t have to.

Creative Oversight

When working with multiple influencers, it’s important to have everyone aligned to a cohesive creative direction. Frenik works with internal stakeholders to identify and document the creative parameters for each campaign while holding influencers accountable. We’ll even edit the influencer’s content to adhere to brand standards if necessary.

Amplification With Paid Ads

All social platforms now operate using an “interest” algorithm which limits the organic reach of a post, even to the influencers own audience. Our team works with each influencer maximize awareness by leveraging paid ads directly to the influencer’s audience. We even handle the management and billing of these ads directly with each influencer, making the accounting a breeze.

Reporting On Metrics That Matter

While brand awareness and engagement are important, our reporting always ties back to key performance indicators that justify the spend for each campaign. Each influencer is given dedicated tracking URLs so we can always track performance on an individual level.


Explore common questions our clients have regarding Influencer Marketing.

Frequently asked questions

The use of influencers in marketing campaigns has become popular based on the premise that people buy products and/or services based on the recommendation of people they trust. Before the age of social media, this was commonly referred to as word of mouth marketing. Fast forward to today, paying influencers who have already acquired the trust of their audience to promote your brand is the new word of mouth.

Campaigns can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to literally millions of dollars depending on the scale and size of the audience you’re looking to leverage. Typically our clients spend anywhere from $5,000 to $80,000 on a given campaign with specific ROI goals attached.

Success can be judged in a variety of ways depending on the brand and it’s specific goals. Common metrics our client track include impressions, engagement, website visits, leads, phone calls, sales, & more…

These strategies can be extremely effective depending on the target audience and objectives of the brand. Typically influencer campaigns are done in conjunction with other marketing tactics to collective reach a desired outcome, although some consumer brands are built almost exclusively using influencers.

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