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With the popularity of video booming, you are probably producing more video content than ever before. To streamline the process and take the quality to a higher level, reach out to Frenik Marketing Group today for assistance.


Our Location

Atlanta Based + Nationwide Service.

While it’s an honor to call Atlanta home, the list of clients we serve comes from all around this beautiful country. No matter where your business is found, or what it is you need to promote, Frenik would love to hear more about it. Get in touch right away to discuss what we can provide for your promotional efforts.

Solving the Video Puzzle

Every business understands the value of video, but it can be hard to create content that you are proud to have represent your brand. With an experienced and creative team ready to get to work, Frenik is the solution you’ve been hoping to find.

Start to Finish Video Marketing

Using video to promote your business online requires a video production service and a video marketing agency. Instead of hiring for both of those services, you can choose Frenik and get them under the same roof. We take pride in producing high-quality, professional video. Plus, we have the experience and tactics necessary to put that video in front of the right viewers.

Make a Meaningful Connection

Much of the popularity of video online today is owed to the way it can connect with an audience. With that in mind, corporate video production should not feel cold and calculated. Instead, it should build a relationship with the viewer and create the trust that will lead to further interactions.

The Right Message

Creating a beautiful video is one thing – but the video will only deliver value if it finds the right people at the right time in the buying journey. That’s why our experience with marketing video production is just as important as our professional video production services. The two need to be tied closely together if the outcome is going to be something that moves the needle for your business.

Upgrade Your Image

The quality of the video you post to the web is going to speak directly about the quality of your brand – for better or worse. You want to put your best foot forward with all marketing materials, which is why a top-end video production agency like Frenik is such a meaningful asset to have in your corner.

Every Little Edge

All markets are competitive in the 21st century, so anything you can do to put your nose in front of the competition is a step worth taking. That certainly includes something like video production, where most companies are not rising to the standard of what we can produce. If a potential customer or client views video content from you and a competitor – and yours has a professional touch – that will only speak well of your brand as a whole.

Videos of All Types

There are many different ways to use video on the modern internet, including creating educational content, sales pieces, event announcements, and much more. As with everything else we do here at Frenik, the videos we produce for your business will be customized and tailored specifically to your offerings and audience.

Save Valuable Time

Creating great videos is hard work. Even if you have the experience and equipment to get it done, what else could you be doing with that time? By turning video production and promotion over to our team, you can keep your employees – and yourself – focused on delivering great results for your clients or customers.