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Email Marketing

Few digital marketing strategies are as effective, or as consistent, as email promotions. Work with Frenik Marketing Group to master this technique and tap into potential that you didn’t know existed for your business.


Our Location

Atlanta Based + Nationwide Service.

Atlanta, Georgia is the home of Frenik Marketing Group, and we wouldn’t want it to be any other way. From here, we can serve a national client base that operates in many different markets and niches. Whatever it is you are trying to sell or promote, feel free to reach out to us today to get started.


Leaning on the existing lists you have in your business, we’ll craft strategic marketing campaigns designed to use email to extract maximum value from those lists. And, by using automation to our advantage, many of these email sequences can run automatically with very little ongoing attention required.


Stay in Touch:
Staying connected with your past and potential customers is made easy through the power of email marketing. Rather than seeing those on your list gradually drift away toward the competition, stay engaged by using Frenik as your trusted email marketing agency.


Make Timely Offers:

Whether it is setting up a flash sale or just running a promotion for a specific weekend, email can get the message out to your entire list in a hurry. Our email marketing services will help you plan out these kinds of sales, so you can drive a rush of sales when your business needs it most.


Customize Your Approach:
Segmenting an email list is an excellent way to customize the way you approach different types of prospects. Along those same lines, email marketing automation can be used to send out autoresponder sequences based on replies to a questionnaire, a conversion on a specific landing page, or countless other parameters.


Optimize for Open Rate:
The first goal of any email marketing message is to get as many people to open the messages as possible. With a solid email marketing strategy in place and plenty of ongoing testing to see what works with your audience, we can keep driving open rates up as the campaigns move along. Of course, with higher open rates, you get more conversions , which will mean more revenue in the end.


Finding a Purpose:
What are you trying to accomplish when using email marketing platforms to send messages to your audience? It’s often more complicated than just trying to make a sale. We’ll help you gain clarity on the purpose of your email efforts, so we can fine-tune the messaging and get optimal results.


It’s All About Relationships:
Perhaps more than any other type of marketing, email messages can build a personal relationship with your audience. As one of the leading email marketing companies, we aim to take advantage of this opportunity by using friendly and conversational language in our messages to make the recipient feel valued.

Frenik Makes It Easy

Many businesses are excited about the potential that email marketing holds but nervous about trying to unlock it for their own benefit. That’s where Frenik can come to the rescue, providing some of the best email marketing services to clients throughout the United States.