4 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

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In today’s world of paperless marketing, email is a great option that allows businesses to directly communicate with audience members. Instead of the outdated method of mailing flyers or letters to people’s homes, email marketing allows businesses to reach a much larger audience for a fraction of the cost. By keeping audiences aware and informed, email marketing has transformed how businesses and customers communicate as well as the strategies businesses use to strengthen their brand. Here are some quick tips for a successful email marketing campaign.

Remember, the purpose of email marketing isn’t to sound like a sales flyer in the Sunday paper.


Drop the Sales Pitch

Remember, the purpose of email marketing isn’t to sound like a sales flyer in the Sunday paper. To better retain the attention of customers and ensure more people read through the entirety of your emails, be sure that your content is informative. Avoid blatant calls to action to enlist your products or services.


Personalization Goes a Long Way

While mass emails are convenient, they can easily sound robotic and canned, making customers less likely to open them and more likely to hit “delete”. When planning your email marketing campaign, be sure your mailing list is crafted with information that will get the attention of each audience member who receives the message. This can be done by addressing customers by their individual names, sending birthday wishes, congratulations or deals, or sending “picks for you” styled content so readers are being sent information that is meaningful and useful to their lives and interests.

Don’t Spam Your Customers

Depending on what kind of email campaign you’re planning for your business, you may be looking to send out less frequent, lengthy emails or more frequent, shorter emails. No matter what information you are sending out, don’t flood readers’ inboxes! If your goal is to send out a newsletter or internal updates, stick to sending these kinds of messages out once a month to every couple of months. If you’re attempting to keep audience members up to date on upcoming events or deals, keep these messages in check to once a week. When readers don’t feel like they’re being flooded with information or cornered to open your messages, they will be more likely to take the time to read through the information you sent and take corresponding action.

Grab Attention From the Start




Most good movies have a catchy title, right? The same goes for emails! Keep the subject lines of your emails, short and direct, but entertaining.  The subject of your email is the first thing your readers will see and be the determining factor of whether or not they choose to open and read through the rest of the email. Use casual speech, questions or bold statements in subject lines and your audience members will reward you by engaging.