Franchise Research Specialist

We are actively seeking a dynamic individual to lead research efforts aimed at uncovering untapped opportunities for elevating awareness and driving franchise sales for our esteemed child daycare business. With an impressive presence spanning 18 states and encompassing 180 locations, we have traditionally flourished through relationship-driven sales.


As part of our research agenda, we are looking to assess the landscape of potential sites, discerning the costs associated with advertising, and benchmarking them against platforms of similar functionality. For instance, we are interested in evaluating the advertising dynamics of Additionally, we aim to position ourselves strategically by engaging with influential entities in the franchise arena, such as the noteworthy broker represented by


As a Franchise Research Specialist, you will be responsible for delivering:


– Competitor Analysis: Analyzing competitors and market trends within the franchise industry to ensure our business remains competitive.
– Website Identification: Identifying and cataloging websites where individuals conduct research on various franchises, including forums, review sites, and industry publications.
– Broker Network Development: Building a comprehensive database of franchise brokers and facilitators who play a crucial role in the sale and acquisition of franchises.
– Data Management: Organizing and maintaining a centralized repository of information gathered during the research process.




– Industry Knowledge: A solid understanding of the franchise industry and its dynamics.
– Research Skills: Proven ability to conduct thorough and accurate market research using various online and offline resources.
– Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills for reporting findings and maintaining professional relationships.
– Detail-Oriented: Meticulous attention to detail to ensure accurate and reliable data collection.
– Self-Motivated: Ability to work independently and take initiative in identifying opportunities for business growth.