I Think I Cam: Summer at Frenik

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When I started my internship with Frenik, I was unsure what to expect. Like most interns, I was intimidated by the skilled employees I had never met before, but I was optimistic about this opportunity I had. On top of that, my college majors coming into the program were Finance and Industrial Engineering. Not quite marketing, so naturally I feared that I would be going into the business blindly. However, any fear I had quickly diminished on day one. The team did not skip a beat, and we got right down to business. 


I was given more than enough material on the basics of Frenik’s marketing strategies, case studies, and an entire database full of content. And of course, I got the crash course version of their terminology mixed with industry terminology as well. I was able to use all of this material to get caught up to speed with Frenik and understand the standard conversation around the office. To help with this process I was included in client meetings and tasked with projects that required creative and intellectual skills. I always felt that these tasks were important to Frenik’s daily operations because other team members would ask for access to the materials I had been working on. 


As I progressed throughout the summer, I was assigned larger projects where I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone, and search for the answers. After asking my mentors a relentless amount of questions, I learned that you can find out almost anything online! While it was difficult at times, my team members made sure to provide support through it all. In fact, I learned that you do not need to be a marketing major to seek an internship in this field. There are so many different gears turning at the same time such as creating, writing, analytics, and an incredible amount of social skills. I continually learned and strengthened all of these skills throughout my three months here.


I was surprised when I naturally adapted to the professional environment where I could thoroughly enjoy the workday with the people I was with. I was in an environment where I could have fun while meeting deadlines and performing well all at the same time. If I ever needed to seek help, I would always find it. If I ever needed clarity on a task, I could ask almost anyone for the best way to tackle it. I was given every opportunity to access my team’s resources and skillsets to perform my best. As a result, I always felt confident presenting my hard work, and kept an open mind for their sometimes brutally honest feedback. 


Despite being the youngest one in the room, I never felt looked down on, or felt any less important than the team I had gotten to know so well. The office was a foreign environment my first week here. Now, one of my favorite things to do is looking back to the way the office felt when I first started, before making it partly my own. 


As my time here approached the end of the line, I was having regular conversations about my life with the team. Able to say I was looking forward to going back to school, we knew it had been a good summer together. Everyone made an effort to say farewell and wish me the best. Whether I make it back here next summer or not, I am excited to see Frenik grow.