Social Media – The Modern Word of Mouth

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How frequently do you look up product reviews before buying? Do you suggest the product to others if the experience turns out favorable?


Shopping today is largely affected by what people think, listen, and say about a particular product or service. Talking to someone about something you experienced lately is known as word-of-mouth marketing. When we are about to make a significant buying decision, we all consult with friends and relatives. As a result, word-of-mouth advertising is essential to every company’s success.


The concept of “word of mouth” has completely changed in today’s digital world. While once limited to conversations between friends and family, it has now expanded to include social media. Social media has become the modern word of mouth, influencing opinions, shaping perceptions, and driving actions like never before. In this article, we will explore social media’s power in revolutionizing word-of-mouth marketing.


The Power of Word of Mouth

In this age of social media and online connectivity, individuals are more inclined to rely on the opinions and experiences of those within their virtual networks. Friends, family members, and acquaintances can now wield considerable influence through their online endorsements, reviews, and shared experiences. This shift in the landscape of trust has reshaped the way people make informed decisions about the products and services they choose.


Today, social media platforms have revolutionized how we share our experiences and opinions, amplifying the reach and impact of word of mouth. Similar to neuromarketing and its impact on a customer’s psyche, word of mouth plays a pivotal role in easing consumers’ purchase decisions.


The Evolution of Social Media as a Platform That People Trust



Social media platforms have come a long way since the early days of MySpace and Wechat (freeware). With the rise of Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, and many others, social media has become something we are so used to in our everyday lives. These platforms allow individuals to connect, share, and communicate with people they relate with (including strangers) on a global level.


What makes these social media apps so popular among people? Well, the ability to post content freely on these platforms and share views publicly is a crucial factor in the evolution of social media. People enjoy discussing the things they enjoy. This makes social media credible and a trusted source that also comes in handy for businesses.


When we talk about the top 50 social media sites, the ones on the top are best known for how they cater to users and allow them to openly express their views and talk about the things they love. This includes talking about brands that customers use and giving out honest reviews about them.


Factors Interlinking Social Media and Word of Mouth

We now know what word-of-mouth marketing is and how crucial social media has turned out in these modern times. But what paves the way towards a successful business is the synergic collaboration of both, which leaves a lasting impact in the minds of consumers. Here are the most prominent factors that make social media a vital ingredient for successful online word of mouth:


The Digital Megaphone

Social media gives customers the autonomy to create content regarding videos, Instagram posts, and written reviews that share their experiences, opinions, and recommendations with a potentially vast audience. When someone shares a positive or negative experience on social media, it can quickly gain traction as others react, comment, and share, amplifying the message far beyond what traditional word of mouth could achieve.


Content Going Viral

So frequently, we have seen various content forms, such as memes, going viral on social networking sites. The global meme industry stands tall at about $2.3 billion. Social media platforms such as TikTok (proprietary software) and Instagram are the best places for such content to float and gain massive user attention. Memes, videos, reviews, and stories that resonate with users can spread like wildfire, reaching millions within hours or even minutes. Viral content often becomes a focal point of online and offline discussions, demonstrating the power of social media in facilitating word of mouth.


Amplified Shareability

One of social media’s greatest advantages is the buzz it creates around people. Social media users share content all day with their friends, family, and colleagues through these social platforms. This overlaps with our viral content factor, which is purely subject to increased shareability. The more people share content, the higher the chances that it will go viral.


Trust and Credibility

Social media serves as a valuable bridge between businesses and customers, fostering trust and credibility within the digital landscape. Word of mouth, a powerful influencer, forms the bedrock of trust-building and establishes higher credibility. Individuals often rely on recommendations from family and friends, considering them trustworthy sources. Businesses can leverage social media to cultivate their brand image and enhance credibility through authentic, ongoing interactions. Social media emerges as the ideal platform to captivate your target audience, transforming them into devoted patrons of your enterprise.


Top of the Roof Engagement

Another catalyst for word of mouth is a crucial performance metric known as “engagement.” Engagement occurs when a user interacts with your content on social media, which can be likes, comments, or being directed to another page within a social media platform. The significance of social media in achieving effective word-of-mouth marketing can be measured with a high degree of accuracy through content engagement. The greater the engagement rates for specific content on social networks, the more profound its influence on consumers’ perceptions.


Consumer Empowerment

Social media empowers consumers to express their opinions and request accountability from businesses. When consumers feel their voices are acknowledged and respected, they are inclined to participate in positive word-of-mouth promotion, thereby nurturing brand loyalty and trust. YouTube, a pivotal video platform, provides content creators the means to thoroughly and candidly review various businesses, their products, and services.


Global Reach

The world is a global village, and every person has an influence on social media without any geographical barriers or restrictions. A recommendation or review posted on social media can reach an international audience, enabling businesses to expand their reach and connect with diverse consumer groups.


Word of Mouth Relation With Other Marketing Strategies

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, where strategies are as diverse as the platforms they target, the power of word of mouth should never be underestimated since it applies to various other strategies other than social media.


Consider web design services, for instance. Crafting visually stunning and user-friendly websites is just one piece of the puzzle. When satisfied clients share their experiences with friends, family, or colleagues, it generates a buzz that amplifies your reach far beyond traditional advertising. In this context, word of mouth becomes an organic testimonial engine, strengthening your brand’s credibility.


The same applies to video production endeavors. A captivating video doesn’t just entertain; it leaves a lasting impression. When viewers share these videos on their social networks or recommend them to others, you’re not just creating content – you’re creating conversations. And that’s where word of mouth thrives.


Advertising, too, becomes more potent when it’s supported by word of mouth. When people talk about a clever ad campaign, it extends its lifespan far beyond its initial run. It becomes a topic of discussion, and in the digital age, discussions are marketing gold.


Even experiential marketing benefits immensely. When people attend immersive events and share their firsthand experiences online, it becomes a powerful endorsement. These shared experiences inspire trust and curiosity, which are the pillars of effective word of mouth.


Top 5 Ways to Boost Word of Mouth on Social Media



Maintaining a robust social networking presence is a no-brainer for any digital marketing strategy that, in turn, results in more conversions. However, in this section, we will discuss some great ways to boost word-of-mouth marketing on social media by maintaining an online presence, among other factors:


Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a goldmine for building trust and authenticity. Encourage your customers or followers to share their experiences, reviews, and testimonials about your products or services on social media. Reposting UGC showcases your brand’s value and demonstrates that you appreciate and listen to your audience. It’s a win-win, as users feel acknowledged, and potential customers see real people endorsing your offerings.


A great way to increase UGC content on social platforms is by sending products on special offers to regular customers who create content and post it on their social handles. Products may also be sent on occasions like Black Friday or New Year’s Eve, among many others.


Influencer Collaboration

Influencers hold the power to influence their fans and followers, making them valuable partners in boosting word of mouth. Find influencers in your sector or business whose principles coincide with your own and work with them. Influencer partnerships, whether through sponsored articles, product reviews, or gifts, may greatly increase your brand’s visibility and trustworthiness.


A pro tip here is to choose influencers with a fan base related to your target audience. Go for younger generations who closely follow renowned actors and sports stars and are likely to make purchase decisions after getting influenced by their promotions.


Make the Best Use of Trends

Businesses that fail to work with trends may eventually become irrelevant for a certain segment of consumers. Staying relevant and always in alignment with current trends is crucial for capturing your audience’s attention. Monitor trending topics, hashtags, and challenges on social media platforms. Be a part of these trends in such a way that it coincides with your business’s core values and mission. By doing so, you engage with your current followers and tap into broader conversations that can attract new audiences. Overall, it opens the door to word-of-mouth marketing since trends go viral on social media.


Showcase the Company Culture

Customers love companies that show their true side online. Give your audience a glimpse behind the scenes by showcasing your company culture. Share photos and stories about your team, workplace, and company events. Giving your brand a face brings a great level of connection with your audience, making them feel part of your journey. Happy and engaged employees can also become brand advocates, contributing to word-of-mouth marketing.


Share Relevant Content Consistently

If you don’t maintain consistency on social networking platforms, complying even with all the factors mentioned above will lead to no good. Consistency is key to becoming the king of social media engagement. Share content with your audience on a regular basis so that they are always connected to you. This content can include informative articles, entertaining videos, engaging polls, or captivating visuals. Make sure that your content strategy always coincides with your core values and the organizational culture.


Consistently posting keeps your followers informed and encourages them to share your content, spreading the word about your brand. A great way to grab some eyeballs is by creating new product release videos and sneak peeks. Video production is worth the investment if done consistently, as it creates great buzz around the business and its offerings.


The Significance of a Renowned Digital Marketing Agency for WOM

By now, we have come this far and know well enough the link between social media and word-of-mouth and how beneficial it can be for your business. However, the challenge lies in implementation since a digital strategy is easier said than done. Choosing a credible and renowned digital marketing agency will bring you considerably closer to achieving the desired image for your business. They understand the intricacies of online conversations, trends, and influencer dynamics.


By partnering with an agency well-versed in word-of-mouth, businesses gain access to knowledge and experience in creating and amplifying positive word-of-mouth. Moreover, an experienced marketing firm will also help build the perfect brand image for your business since crafting a unique identity is only possible through branding.


Final Thoughts

So whether you use Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr, being on social media is a great plus for your business since it motivates your customers to create content around your brand. Implementing an effective media marketing strategy allows you to generate positive word-of-mouth for your business from your customers, and that’s precisely what is needed.


As social media has transformed into the modern word of mouth – influencing opinions, shaping consumer decisions, and propelling businesses to success –  managing and maneuvering it on your own isn’t a piece of cake. Hence, contact Frenik Labs, as they possess the expertise in using word-of-mouth strategies to transform your brand into the next big thing.