How Does Local SEO Marketing Impacts Businesses?


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There is no doubt in the fact that globalization has changed the market and made it easier for brands to sell outside their locality. However, still, most businesses kick off their growth by selling to local customers and gaining distinguished recognition in their own neighborhood, town, or city. But how will your locals find out about your business?


There was a time when Yellow Pages helped people find and learn about the businesses in their area. Need a toilet fixed or a wooden cabinet fitted? Just go through the Yellow Pages and find a good local plumbing company or an established carpentry business in your locality.


Now, search engines like Google have taken the place of the Yellow Pages. People now utilize search engines like Google to learn about companies in their locality. Need to buy electronic appliances for your home? Just search “home appliances stores near me,” and Google will list dozens of well-established businesses in your locality!


Optimizing your brand’s content in such a way that it appears on top of related local search results pages can drive an insane amount of traffic toward your business, along with many potential customers. These customers are also highly likely to become regulars because of their proximity to your business! This is called local search engine optimization or local SEO.


Let’s discuss the major positive impacts local SEO can have on companies and how local businesses in Georgia can benefit from this marketing method!


What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization, or simply local SEO, is a digital marketing method used to improve businesses’ visibility in relevant local search engine result pages (also called SERPs). It is a variety of SEO and has many similar techniques but focuses primarily on improving ranking in local searches.


Local SEO strategies involve listing the business in online directories, usage of specific keywords and search phrases in brand content, adding specific and proper citations, using title tags, and including location, neighborhood, town, and city names in brand sources.


Since people hugely rely on Google searches to find businesses around them, local search engine optimization can attract an insane amount of traffic, as well as local potential customers, towards your business. This is why brands have now started considering the importance of local SEO and incorporating local SEO techniques in their marketing strategies.


How Does Local SEO Work?

Local SEO works by improving your ranking in SERPs whenever a consumer conducts a relevant local search. This makes your business appear first in the results and increases its chances of being chosen by the consumer. But what’s the whole process?


Ever heard of a “Near Me” search or conducted one on Google? Whenever a user conducts a “Near Me” search relevant to the niche of a particular business type, Google utilizes their location (if they’ve allowed it) or judges their whereabouts from their IP address (if they’ve not allowed Google to use their location) and shows them related businesses in their locality.


Search engines such as Google make use of complicated, specifically designed algorithms to rank businesses on the SERPs. These algorithms consider various factors to give a particular business its ranking in the results. These factors are called ranking factors and include relevance, proximity to the user, reputation, and authority.


By optimizing your business (its website content and sources) through various techniques, you can make it appear on top of relevant local SERPs; this process is called local SEO.


Why Is Local SEO Important?

Now, let’s look at some facts to see why local SEO is important for a business. On average, over eight billion searches take place on Google on a daily basis, as per the latest data. This rounds up to over eighty-thousand searches per second! According to Forbes, 90 percent of searches conducted on mobile devices are “Near Me” searches!


Now here’s what’s interesting, over seventy percent of users who conduct a “Near Me” search end up visiting or contacting a business from their result pages the same or the following day! This means that a business can attract a huge number of potential customers and generate sales by just appearing on top of relevant local SERPs. This is why SEO is an important and effective marketing method!


Major Impacts of Local SEO on Businesses

Local SEO can have some major positive impacts on businesses and, ultimately, help them GROW. Let’s discuss a few.


#1. Increased Local Search Traffic

The first major impact local SEO will have on a business is that it will multiply its local search traffic. By incorporating local SEO techniques in your business sources and content, you will increase your chances of being picked up by search engines’ algorithms whenever consumers in your locality search for something that your brand offers.


Because of their proximity to your business, local customers are much more likely to become regulars than customers that are far away. This is an added plus of local SEO.


#2. Local Recognition

By incorporating a local SEO strategy, your business will receive local recognition. Consumers in your area will get to know your business; this can have a lot of positive effects. First of all, local recognition will greatly improve your brand reputation. Your community will consider your business as a reliable, local name it can trust.


This means that whenever your local consumers will need a product or a service that your brand offers, they will prefer it over others because of a community sense. Moreover, you also won’t have to rely on national or international sales for revenue generation as your local sales will make up for them!


#3. Improved Visibility on Local SERPs

Another huge impact local SEO has is that it improves the business’s visibility on local SERPs. You will greatly enhance your business’s visibility in relevant, local searches by using local SEO strategies, specific location-based keywords, internal links, and SEO tools to optimize your business content and sources.


Local SEO strategies can include Technical SEO as well as On-Page SEO techniques. Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Yoast SEO are some SEO tools that can help you research keywords and phrases being used in relevant searches by your local consumers. So you can also employ local SEO experts to handle all your SEO marketing needs for you!


#4. Higher Ranking

One of the biggest impacts of local SEO is higher ranking. Local SEO can effectively help brands rank higher on relevant and local SERPs. By incorporating well-researched local SEO techniques, you will greatly increase the chances of your business being ranked higher whenever a customer in your proximity searches for a product or a service your company offers.


This can significantly increase your site traffic and chances of sales. Over seventy percent of users who conduct “Near Me” searches choose one of the top 5 results Google shows them. What this means is that if your business is in the top spots in SERPs, consumers are more likely to choose and buy from you!


#5. More Qualified Leads

One of the biggest benefits of local SEO is that it generates more qualified leads. Local SEO makes your business directly visible to customers who are specifically searching for a product or a service your business offers! Not just that, but these customers are in your proximity as well, which increases the chances of them visiting you even more! These highly qualified leads are almost certain to generate sales!


#6. Helps Attract Local Customers

Local SEO can help your business attract local customers. Where national and international customers are important, local customers can have a significant impact on your brand growth. Especially if your business is still in its initial stages, you need local clientele to boost your growth.


A lot of small businesses rely on digital ads and social media marketing to attract customers. However, they can greatly benefit from local SEO as well. There are various SEO types and techniques, such as white and black hat SEO, internal linking, and on-page optimization small businesses can utilize to improve their visibility in local search results and attract local customers.


#7. Improved Brand Reputation

In today’s highly competitive market, brand reputation can have a significant impact on consumer traffic, conversion rate, and sales. With so many different brands out there, customers usually tend to buy from businesses that have a solid reputation. This means that if your brand has a positive reputation, you will automatically have an edge over your competitors.


By incorporating local SEO methods, you can greatly improve your brand’s market reputation. Local customers visiting your brand or buying from it (due to its high ranking in SERPs) and leaving favorable comments and reviews will improve your business reputation and image.


#8. Helps Build Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

Customer relationships are important and can play a significant role in your business’s growth. Despite already being successful, large-scale businesses pay special attention to the needs and complaints of their customers and try to build long-lasting, cooperative relationships with them. This is especially important for startups and small businesses as they are still growing and building a stable clientele.


Local SEO can majorly help in this. Through local SEO, you get to know the needs of your consumers so you can provide them with exactly what they want. Local SEO can also help your business gain regular, loyal customers who will repeatedly visit your business.


#9. Link Building With Local Businesses

Healthy market competition is good, but cooperation and partnership can produce some insane results! Local SEO links you with other local businesses, which paves the way for collaboration. Featured snippets, guest posting, and external links to the collaborator’s site, can benefit both.


In addition to that, link-building and collaboration make your brand visible to your collaborator’s clientele, which can help you attract more organic traffic.


#10. An Edge Over Market Competition

In today’s saturated market space, competition is at an all-time high. Smart, effective, and affordable marketing techniques are available to all, and brands utilize them to gain advantages over their competitors. In such a competitive market, if you’re not ahead of the curve, you’ll be losing potential customers to your competition.


Local SEO is a marketing method that is still getting its exposure and can help you get an edge over market competition. You can make search engines work in your favor by producing high-quality content that follows all local SEO basics. Experts at Frenik Labs can give you a complete guide on content optimization and content marketing. You can even learn SEO tips or let them effectively handle your business’s complete SEO needs for visible results!


Local SEO – An Essential Part of Any Online Marketing Strategy

Local SEO should be an essential part of any business’s online marketing campaign. Search engines like Google rule the digital world, and even traditional business owners are slowly realizing their significance and utility in marketing.


You can use Search Engines to your advantage through local SEO or search engine marketing and attract local clientele to your business. In addition to that, Local SEO has many positive impacts on local leads, reputation, sales, and growth!


How Can Local SEO Impact Businesses in Georgia?

The Georgia marketplace is growing at an exponential rate and has a lot of potential. Local Search Engine Optimization can help businesses in Georgia to reach their potential. It can not only help our local businesses gain a local clientele and generate sales, but it can pave the way for local collaboration and help build a healthy and cooperative local business community.


Final Thoughts – Spotlight on Georgia: The Impact of Local SEO

Local SEO is a marketing method utilized to improve a business’s visibility and ranking in relevant, local SERPs. Local SEO has some major positive impacts and can help businesses generate revenue and grow exponentially!