Threads: Meta’s New Twitter Rival Showing Exponential Growth

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In recent months, the search for Twitter alternatives has gained momentum, with users seeking out new text-based social networks. Platforms like Mastodon, Bluesky, Spill, and T2 have emerged as popular options. However, the latest entrant to this growing field is Meta, the parent company of Facebook, with its highly-anticipated product called Threads. This new app is closely tied to Instagram and aims to compete directly with Twitter’s dominance in the social media landscape.


In this blog post, we will dive into the significance of Meta Threads’ launch, explore the implications for the Meta Threads’ ecosystem, and discuss the potential opportunities it presents for both the company and its users. 


What are Threads?

So, what exactly is Threads and how does one create an account? Threads can be best described as Meta’s text-based Twitter rival. To create an account, users simply need to log in using their existing Instagram credentials. This integration with Instagram allows users to tap into their existing network on the photo-sharing platform and find people to follow easily. Furthermore, for those who have paid for Meta Verified, their verification mark from Instagram is carried over to Threads.


While Threads has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, reaching an astounding 100 million users in under a week, it distinguishes itself from Twitter in a few key ways. Notably, there are currently no paid tiers or advertisements on the app. However, it is important to highlight that Threads lacks certain Twitter-like features such as long videos, direct messages, and live audio rooms. The focus of the app is on text-based posts, with a limit of 500 characters per post. Users can also incorporate images, videos, and GIFs in their posts, with each Thread supporting up to 10 media items.


To access Threads, users can download the app on iOS or Android devices. It is available in over 100 countries, except for the European Union due to privacy concerns. By logging in through their Instagram account, users gain immediate access to all the accounts they follow on Instagram, along with importing their username, name, and settings such as block lists. Although Threads lacks a web version where users can log in and make posts, they can still view Thread posts and profiles through a link on the web.


The overwhelming success of Threads has surprised many industry observers. Within hours of its launch, the app amassed an impressive 10 million signups, and within 24 hours, that number skyrocketed to 30 million. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, shared that the app attracted 2 million signups within the first two hours, 5 million within four hours, and an astonishing 10 million registered users within seven hours. The following day, Zuckerberg announced that more than 30 million people had signed up to try the new app. These figures are even more impressive considering that Threads has not yet launched in the EU due to privacy concerns.


Despite its rapid growth and popularity, Threads does have a few limitations worth noting. The character limit for each post is set at 500, providing a concise format for users to share their thoughts. While images, videos, and GIFs can enhance posts, the absence of long-form videos may deter some users. Additionally, the app’s home timeline is algorithmic and displays a mix of posts from accounts users follow and other individuals, rather than providing a dedicated timeline exclusively showing posts from followed accounts.


Another issue that has been raised by users is the difficulty in deleting a Threads account. According to Meta’s “Supplemental Privacy Policy,” users must delete their Instagram account to completely remove their Threads account. This requirement sparked complaints, prompting Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, to announce that the company is actively exploring options to allow users to delete their Threads account separately.


Threads App Roadmap and Future Growth

Meta Threads app was able to launch to 100 million users, but this is only just the beginning of its journey. The company has ambitious plans to expand its offerings, enhance its user experiences, and help forge strategic partnerships that will further solidify its position in the ever-evolving landscape of  Meta Threads. As  Meta Threads continues to evolve, Threads aims to be at the forefront of this evolution, continuously innovating and delivering unique and engaging experiences to its users. 


In the near future, Meta Threads plans to include features such as stories, polls, and other interactive elements. The company also intends to create partnerships with other apps and services that will provide enhanced experiences for users. This could potentially lead to the ability for users to share posts on multiple platforms simultaneously or even use Threads as a platform for more than just messaging. As Meta Threads continues to grow, it aims to become the go-to app for user engagement. With its innovative features and strategic partnerships, Threads strives to be an integral part of the social landscape.


Meta Threads is also making moves to better serve its users. The company recently announced plans to introduce a feature that will allow users to block or mute other users who they no longer want to interact with. This feature is set to be released in the coming months and will provide an additional layer of safety for its users. Meta Threads is also exploring the possibility of adding a Report User option, where users can flag individuals or posts that violate the app’s terms and conditions.


These features are just the beginning of what Meta Threads intends to bring to its users. As the company continues to grow and evolve, it aims to provide an ever-evolving and engaging platform for its users. With its dedication to innovation and user experience, Meta Threads is poised to become a major player in the metaverse.



The astonishing success of Threads has undoubtedly shaken up the social media ecosphere. With its seamless integration with Instagram and the ability to tap into an existing network, it offers a compelling alternative to Twitter. Despite its initial limitations, the app’s rapid user growth showcases the potential for Threads to become a formidable competitor in the text-based social networking space. Only time will tell if Threads can sustain this momentum and provide a viable alternative to Twitter for the long term.


The launch of Meta Threads has had a significant impact on the social networking ecosystem, particularly for text-based conversations. As a standalone messaging app, it offers users an alternative to Twitter in terms of features and functionalities. The sheer number of active users that Threads has been able to garner in a short span of time speaks volumes about its potential as an avenue for collaboration and conversation. With its rapid growth, Meta Threads is setting the bar high for other social networks – encouraging them to innovate and offer features that can compete with its own. With its innovative approach to conversations, Meta Threads is set up to become a formidable and successful contender in the social networking space. As it continues to grow, Meta Threads hopes to solidify its position within the ever-evolving landscape of social media by developing strategic partnerships and continuing to innovate and deliver engaging experiences for its users.


Looking ahead, Meta Threads has the potential to become a powerful tool for connecting people from all around the world. Its ability to foster conversations and build meaningful relationships is what sets it apart from other social media platforms, making it a valuable asset in today’s increasingly connected world. As Meta Threads continues to gain traction and grow its user base, it will be interesting to see how this platform will shape the future of digital communication and collaboration. With its innovative approach to conversations, Meta Threads is set up to provide an engaging experience for users that could rival that of traditional social networks like Twitter. By offering a unique space for in-depth conversations and meaningful relationships, Meta Threads looks poised to remain a dominant force in the social networking landscape for the foreseeable future.


The potential of Meta Threads as a platform for collaboration and connection is undeniable. As it continues to grow and innovate, this social network stands out among its peers in the way it encourages meaningful interactions between users, rather than merely broadcasting content or posting one-off comments. By creating an environment that focuses on honest dialogue and thoughtful exchange, Meta Threads is well-positioned to become an integral part of the social media landscape.


What’s more, Meta Threads stands out in a number of other ways that set it apart from other platforms. For instance, its focus on privacy and user security makes it one of the safest places for people to share their thoughts and ideas online. Additionally, its sophisticated yet simple interface makes it easy for users to navigate and engage with the platform.


Given its immense growth, many companies are already taking notice of Meta Threads. As more businesses recognize the value of this social network, they may begin to use it for marketing purposes or as an internal communication tool. By utilizing Meta Threads in the workplace, businesses will be able to foster more meaningful relationships between workers and increase collaboration among teams.


Meta Threads is an exciting new development in the world of social media. With its focus on security and meaningful dialogue, it has the potential to revolutionize how people communicate online.


All in all, Meta Threads has a lot of possibilities to become an important tool for communication and collaboration in the digital age. By providing a safe space for meaningful conversations, this platform looks set to have a lasting impact on how people connect online. If the team behind Meta Threads continues to innovate and develop the platform, we could be looking at a revolutionary tool for networking in the years to come.