Video Production


Frenik Marketing Group is an Atlanta based full service marketing agency, so we do everything your company needs to improve – including professional video production services. At Frenik, we create high quality videos that further your brand and bring your company’s vision to life.


What We Do

Marketing Video Production Made Easy.

Our video production agency services at Frenik provide everything your company needs to succeed. We create brand videos and corporate videos with successful video marketing strategies in mind. Frenik Marketing Group’s video marketing agency has a team of production experts that will skillfully execute your business ideas.

Our Location

Atlanta Based + Nationwide Service.

Frenik Marketing Group is an advertising agency in Atlanta, yet we reach businesses all across the nation. As a digital advertising agency, we can help you grow your business no matter where you’re based. Our focus is on real results that connect with your target audience and create greater brand awareness.


Our Services

Video Marketing Campaigns to Reach Your Marketing Goals.

As a full service agency, Frenik Marketing Group provides a variety of website services in addition to our marketing services. We act as a web development agency, logo design agency, UI UX design agency, and graphic design agency all in one convenient package. Frenik Marketing Group has a team of design and development experts ready to create whatever your business is looking for.


Videos That Connect With Consumers.

With our video marketing services, the most important step is the actual creation of the video. Although marketing is also important, the video needs to speak for itself and show why consumers should purchase your product or service. That’s why Frenik focuses on the content of the video before deciding how to market it.


Get Your Message Out There.

Once your content is created, Frenik’s expert team works tirelessly to figure out the best way to market your video. At Frenik Marketing Group, we care about more than just the final product; we care about how well it will interact with your target audience. We know the right messaging can impact buying decisions, so we make sure your video will further brand awareness.


Why we’re a great fit

Successful Model





At Frenik, We Have Big Plans.

Frenik Marketing Group thrives on success stories, and we want your company to be our next one. To accomplish this, our expert team will put in the necessary effort for every step of the process. Our goal is to help your business meet yours. Frenik’s forward thinking will bring your company to new heights.