What Makes a Good Logo

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It’s safe to assume that one of the first things consumers notice about a brand is their logo. Logos are obviously essential for any business’s brand identity. Good logos make their mark, demanding attention and generating interests towards your product or service. In order to create a successful design, it is important to develop visuals that stand out and are easy to remember, as logos serve as a primary form of identification for organizations. So, what makes a good logo? Good logos include ones that are memorable, simple in form, relevant, distinctive and timeless.


Consumers are more likely to connect with your product when they can easily recall your logo and brand.


Establishing a connection between consumers and your brand is important to keep in mind when designing a logo. Consumers are more likely to connect with your product when they can easily recall your logo and brand. Logo designs that leave a lasting impression on buyers add value to your brand by helping you stay top of mind.

Unforgettable logos correctly balance visual and textual elements, while clearly communicating a brand’s message. As logos empower organizations to reflect their purpose and values, it’s important to think of ways to create a unique, lasting mark that stands out from other competitors during the design process.



Simplicity is one of the best strategies to design a memorable logo. A simple logo allows for more versatility, enabling your design to be easily used across a wide range of media for both print and digital. Simplicity also makes your mark easier for consumers to recognize and remember. It is important to create a simple design that highlights the most important part of your brand, while remaining within the limited amount of space you have to work with.


Logos that are easy to remember have a greater chance at standing the test of time. Some of the most iconic logos from industry giants such as Apple, Google and Nike are clear cut with straightforward designs, helping consumers automatically recognize them. These brands understand what they want to communicate and use a simple form to effectively represent their message.



When designing a logo, it is important to keep it relevant to the industry, client, or audience you are catering to. A relevant, memorable mark is one that successfully differentiates your business from competitors and creates a lasting impression on consumers. If your business is in a highly competitive industry, it is essential to create a design that is unique and relevant to your respective environment.


A logo doesn’t need to reveal exactly what a company does as long as it clearly communicates a brand’s personality and identity. This can be done through the use of colors, which can trigger specific emotions from your target audience. Colors accurately enhance your logo design and message, allowing consumers to better understand what your brand is about.



Like relevance, distinctive logos can be easily separated from the competition. Distinctive logos often contain a unique quality and style that accurately portrays a brand’s identity and perspective. Initially focusing on the design and shape of a logo can facilitate this difference. While color is important, starting off with black and white will allow for you to design more prominent logos that use contrast and form correctly.



The best logos are the ones that remain relevant for many years, but how does one make a logo timeless? While it’s easy to form ideas around current trends during the design process, the outcomes can be risky. Trends are constantly changing, so in order to make a timeless mark, it’s better to focus on your brand’s core values and ask yourself: How can I create a design that remains relevant for several years or decades?




Timeless logos focus on quality over quantity, removing any unnecessary elements that may distract from the message you are trying to convey to your target audience. In order to stand the test of time, your logo must be memorable, simple in form, relevant, and distinct. Remember, less is more.