Why technology in marketing is vital

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Technology is always evolving, and over the past 10 years, it has completely changed the landscape of marketing. Just like radio, television, and computers each had their respective impacts on marketing, the changes in technology over the past 10 years is going to have an exponentially larger effect.

Millennials are one of the driving forces behind the changes in marketing.


Millennials are one of the driving forces behind the changes in marketing. Their viewership habits are vastly different from their parents and their grandparents. Additionally, the millennial group now controls more spending dollars than any other group. Whereas the previous generations may have spent 2-3 hours a day watching television or listening to the radio, millennials have no such habit. In fact, television as we know it isn’t expected to survive beyond the next 10 years. In a landscape that used to be dominated by television, even our streaming habits are shifting to an almost entirely mobile platform.

The Value of Digital Marketing Technology in Business


  1. Mobile viewership means that your content needs to be extremely high quality. With the multi-tasking habits of Americans, your content has to be able to capture a viewer in a very short period of time. Where a 1080p resolution video would’ve sufficed in years past, you now need 4K or 8K resolution to entice a viewer. Is your branding outdated? It now needs to be new, simple, and eye-catching to capture the viewer’s attention. The bottom line is, everything associated with your business needs to be top-notch, because people will make an initial judgment of your company based on a very short period of time.
  2. The internet is becoming even more vast. First, we had email, then we added shopping to the internet, and now, even our entertainment is there. With the breadth of information on the web, you could spend billions of dollars marketing to no avail without a proper strategy. This means that every aspect of your mobile marketing strategy, in conjunction with high-quality content, must be constantly monitored and optimized to ensure that you are getting value from your marketing dollar.
  3. Our final point is of vital importance for any business, especially if you’ve already invested in developing high-quality content and spent hundreds or thousands of advertising dollars. If you do navigate this internet minefield and get customers to your site, it is in your best interest to convert those sales. If your site doesn’t combine beauty, simplicity, and a great user experience, your efforts will have all been in vein. Your website is your company’s fascia and conveys your brand identity, so you want it to be as accurate as possible.


Marketing and technology are very closely correlated, and they are both evolving constantly. As a business owner, it is always in your best interest to stay cognizant of changes and up-to-date on trends.