Why you should care about your google quality score

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As defined by the Google AdWords help page, a quality score is “an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages.” When the quality of your ad increases, prices become lower and ad placement improves. However, there’s so much more to quality score than just a numeric rating.  The following points will give you a brief introduction to Quality Score and why it’s so important for your business’ online campaign.

Google Quality Score Importance Explained

When the quality of your ad increases, prices become lower and ad placement improves.


What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is a ranking system created by Google that rates you (or in this case your business) according to the quality and relevance of your website’s keywords and pay per click (PPC) ads. While the click through rate (CTR) of your business’ web page is the key factor of your Quality Score, other components contribute to your score as well, including keyword and ad text performance, and the quality of your landing page.


Why Should You Care?

Your Quality Score directly affects your cost per click (CPC) and ad rank, two essential features of any SEO campaign. As your quality score improves, your cost per conversion and cost per click will lower in price.  Furthermore, a higher Quality Score reflects that your business’ ads are successfully matching audience interest and relevance. Upon improving your Quality Score, your ad ranks and click through rates will increase as well.

How Do You Increase Quality Score




Google AdWords offers a list of ways to increase Quality Score, including selecting relevant keywords for ad campaigns, making ads specific to your targeted audience, creating landing pages with meaningful user experiences, and grouping different keywords and ads to increase relevance within your campaign. These improvements can be achieved through speeding up the load times of your ad’s landing pages, lowering the number of keywords per ad group when revising your ad campaign, and making the best use of keywords when writing your ad copy. Once you improve your AdWords campaign according to these tips, you’ll be well on your way to an admirable Quality Score that will bring meaningful traffic and conversions to your web page!