“I need you to show patients how we’re changing the game.”

In a timeframe of less than 10 years, Advanced Urology
has experienced massive growth to become the
second largest urology group in Georgia. When they
found themselves struggling to manage everything
that followed their swift forward progress, they went
looking for help.


That’s where we came in.


Advanced Urology had earned a reputation for being
innovative and trusted. We took the core of what made
them a strong company, developed it further, and then
expanded it into our work for them.


Here’s how.



What they wanted.

To be the number one urology group in Georgia. Exposure, market share, number of patients, number of locations, best reviews—in every way possible, they wanted to be the best.

New growth and new doctors.
Expansion going beyond Georgia to spreadacross the Southeast.

More patients. Their patient base had to continue to grow to avoid stagnation. They needed a lead generation strategy with a message that would reach patients.

Less time spent worrying about creative content. Having their focus pulled toward creative wasn’t generating the right results.

They needed someone to step in, act autonomously, and manage day-to-day operations.



We found their edge.

We saw what differentiated Advanced
Urology from their competitors and
implemented the core of that into our
strategy. By reshaping the newness,
the openness, the relatability
they have, we created content and
implemented tactics that embodied
their brand message.


They’re waging war against the
embarrassment, fear and shame
people feel around urological issues.


And now, so are we.


We started a conversation.

It began with video production and
evolved into so much more.


Through techniques we know and
inventive exploratory ideas, we’ve
cultivated a brand personality that
reflects what makes Advanced Urology
so successful.


It’s not fluff. We back everything up
with trackable results and that’s why
we’ve succeeded.

Content Creation
We Brought Results

Knowing what matters and backing it up,
that’s how we deliver.
So let’s dive into that.


How we gave them creative content that works.
A completely new strategy for content creation.


Having us on retainer meant we knew the ins
and outs of their business, with the ability to
dig into and expand on why certain choices were
being made. For Advanced Urology, rush fees
and struggling to turn content quickly were now
a thing of the past.

Producing digital display banners, mailers,
pop-ups, posters and other materials, which
made it possible for Advanced Urology to
focus on other areas.


A series of effective video campaigns—
script-writing, production, the works—that
reached specifically targeted patients with
informative, but relatable content.

Organic Traffic

Organic Users Over Time Strong
organic traffic in February lead to
the highest Organic Users per day
average in the history of
the AU Google Analytics Property.

GeoFenced HyperLocal

The hyper-local campaign produced 105 clicks at a CTR of .12% and 2 geo-fenced actions which would be someone who viewed the ad entering one of the offices. That puts the cost per conversion of each Office Visit at $326.41.

Client CPM


Event Coordination.

How we became their goto advisor for events and activations. Supporting experiential activations from start to finish with consultations, planning, content and event management.


Digital and traditional event promotion to inform and reach patients.


The Mitsubishi Electric Classic executive bathroom activation.


We helped develop a concept that would intentionally use humor to

make an impact with their demographic. And amplified that success by brokering the deal between Advanced Urology and the tournament so people HAD to walk through their booth to get to the bathrooms. We handled it all—forms filled out, creative content, determining the best methods for engagement and reach, and lead generation.


Plan for Growth

How we set them apart. Every
creative decision had reason.
We built their brand and their voice
with the underlying marketing
message in mind—modern, innovative
and personable. They’re disrupting
the embarrassment patients feel, and
it showed in the content sent out.


Extensively researched blog posts
and downloadables that matched the
Advanced Urology tone.


A new Advanced Urology URL that
stood out against their largest

How we took on one of their biggest
issues. Fear is no one’s best friend,
but it gave us a fun challenge.
Our role with Advanced Urology
meant we could try new ways to
reach the “denial buyer.” Fear of cost
and pain made patients apprehensive,
so we came up with different ways to
alleviate both of those concerns.

How we helped motivate growth.
Acting as support for the massive
growth Advanced Urology saw as
they added four locations in 2019
We communicated their expansion
by developing creative campaigns for
recruitment that continued to build
an extensive network of experienced
doctors, which in turn made it
possible to take on more patients.


Effective lead generation. When lead
gen was paused because the increase
in activity was too much too fast,
we knew customers were liking what
they saw.