Paragon Podiatry serves patients in three locations across New York state including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island.


They came to Frenik with no unified brand, no digital marketing strategy, and no visibility into where their new patients were coming from.


Dr. Isaacson, the owner of Paragon Podiatry, hired Frenik to unify three disparate locations under one roof, improve the performance and transparency of marketing efforts, and acquire new patients in need of surgical treatment for key disease states such as hammer toe and bunions.

Goal #1

Improve Marketing Tracking & Transparency.

Like many medical practices, Paragon Podiatry had zero visibility into where their new patients were coming from. They tried to track referrals and ask patients the age old “how did you hear about us” question. Without fully understanding the source of their new patients, it was impossible to scale and invest in what was working to predictably increase revenue.


Frenik implemented a full suite of digital tracking tools, including call tracking, which enabled the Paragon Podiatry team to have 100% transparency into where every call, new patient referral, and patient was coming from. This included every aspect of their marketing from brochures and radio commercials to advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.


Frenik also custom built a reporting dashboard where every new patient referral could be tracked in real time. This enabled practice administrators at each location to more effectively schedule new patient appointments and created more accountability around performance in the organization as a whole.


Goal #2

Aquire More High Value Patients

Frenik understands how to increase the revenue of medical practices faster and more predictably than anyone else. For Paragon Podiatry this meant acquiring more new patients in need of surgical treatment options that had specific insurance plans with high reimbursements.


Frenik developed a custom marketing strategy to acquire more new patients suffering with hammer toe and bunions. Creative assets promoting each disease state were designed and leveraged in ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram to book new patient appointments. Each location and provider was also featured prominently on Google Maps and other local web directories where patients look for doctors.


In just the first 60 days working with Frenik, Paragon Podiatry received 260 new patient referrals from their digital marketing campaigns.

Goal #3

Unify All Locations Under One Brand.

The owner of Paragon Podiatry previously acquired 2 locations from other podiatrists. He was hesitant to change the name and potentially lose the brand recognition the previous physicians had worked hard to build.


Frenik developed an in-depth plan to unify all three locations under a new brand name. This included the name itself, logos, website, call center scripts, collateral such as business cards, domain name, among other items.


The result was a powerful brand with a unified patient experience for both new and existing patients of the practice.


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