“I need you to make us look dope.”

After years of success in wrestling and
wrestling gear, Takedown Sportswear decided
it was time to elevate the brand, bring it into
the corporate world, and create consistency
between all divisions of the business.


In addition to this, the strategy of generating
leads was also not optimized to target their
most profitable prospects.


It was time to make some changes…


Brand New Brand

What was once a hodgepodge of divisions within the same company
needed to become a coherent whole with a distinct visual style to tie
all parts of the business together.

In addition to the new aesthetic, the new branding needed to feel
corporate and fashion-specific. We started with the most fashionforward division: TKDN.


The rest of the visual language of the Takedown brand was built
from these elements.

For the corporate logo, you can see the
distinct TKDN letterforms built into the
full company name. This more corporate
feel was designed to bring a new level of
professionalism to the corporate offices and
all communications.


Not-for-profit education division


Corporate Marketing & Team Stores



Attract New Investors

As a company looking to fuel growth through outside capital, Takedown needed
material to put in front of potential investors.


We created an emotionally engaging, detailed explainer video which could be sent
ahead or played for potential investors in person.

We also developed a high-end pitch deck designed to support the story and
build on the messaging contained in the video.


Improve Advertising Strategy

Takedown is in hyper-growth mode.

Strategies change fast and frequently.


First, we built our initial target audience. By leveraging existing contacts and audiences,
we expanded the net we cast to include new target prospects.


These profiles change constantly as we share results with Takedown leadership and recommend new avenues to pursue.


We took a strategic yet conservative approach to budget allocation by channel.


For Takedown, we ran campaigns on social and search, remarketed/retargeted, and built an entire conversion-focused microsite.


We also created all new messaging and content for the campaigns.

Refine w/Data

This is a tough one: So much goes into every single decision we make when researching and optimizing campaigns.


Talking through even one of the many thousands of changes we make each month to mulitple campaigns would require so much explanation it would make for a bad reading experience.


Rest assured, however, we love this stuff and will gladly talk your ear off about it if you’d care to hear more. Give us a call!


Drawing from a pre-built content library we created, customers and prospective customers are put into a pre-determined nurture flow.


The ways we contact them and the assets they see depends completely on who they are, what we are trying to sell them, and what actions they take.

Report & Repeat

The most important part of this whole process is keeping Takedown informed and confident that advertising dollars are being spent well.


In this regard, Takedown isn’t actually unique at all.All of our clients get regular reports with easy to understand results.


No fluff.

“It’s all about reaching the right person at the right time on the right channel with the right story to tell. Frenik makes all that happen for us.”