Urology Group Practice

A urology group with 7 physicians & 3 locations hired our team to help grow their practice, support new location openings, and strengthen their brand presence with strategic marketing programs. The result? They became the fastest growing medical practice in the country, increasing the number of employed surgeons from 7 to 28 and growing from 3 to 11 locations.

Our, Challenge.

Generate new patients to support aggressive opening of new locations in a hyper-competitive market, large US market. Rebrand the practice to more effectively recruit a large class of urologists.


Our client experienced an increase in new patients of 177% in their first year working with us, from 680 in February 2019  to 1890 in February of 2020.

Inbound call volume to our clients call center increased 140% year over year, from 35,546 to 85,521. One in five inbound calls turned into a new patient for the practice.

Our Solution

Our team launched a variety of digital marketing initiatives across Google, Facebook, and Bing to promote the client and generate new patients. A complete brand refresh was executed to improve the positioning of this practice in the market. Physician liaisons were trained and hired to build relationships with referral providers in trhe local community. We also worked with our client to optimize payor contracts and market to patients in key disease states to maximize collections and revenue.

Our Client’s, Results.

Our client became the fastest growing urology practice in the country. Monthly new patient visits increased 177%, from 680 to over 1890 per month! Our client was also able to open 8 new locations, each including a clinic and ASC to further increase revenue. They were able to recruit more urologists in the 2019 recruiting class than any other group in the country, largely due to their new brand image and amazing year over year growth.

Organic traffic to our clients website increased from 3,142 in January of 2019 to over 20,000 monthly visits in March of 2020.

Our team strives to deliver amazing results that enable clients to scale their revenue quickly. If you are interested in learning more about how are team can help your business, please schedule an intro call.

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