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Animated Video Ads: What They Are And Their Importance

Animated marketing video production is an essential form of advertising, which is why Frenik offers animated video production services. When appealing to consumers, they are more likely to retain information shown in video format as opposed to reading it since it appeals to both visual and auditory processing, and animated videos are able to include more creativity and uniqueness to make them stand out.

This is a great way of spreading brand awareness and fostering brand loyalty, as animated videos can contain the same colors and themes as your other marketing material. Including animated videos in your digital ad campaign will allow your brand to build brand awareness and get more people to watch your videos. This type of digital marketing campaign is important due to the powers of persuasion and the possibility of going viral.



When To Use Animated Videos

Animated videos are an effective point of entry for people who haven’t previously heard of your brand. Since these videos are short, fun, and engaging, it’s a simple method of turning your audience into potential consumers and eventually dedicated customers. Not only are they great for introducing your brand to a new audience, they are also useful when your company is looking to demonstrate how a product functions.

Using animated videos is especially beneficial when trying to explain a concept that is complex or abstract, as this can simplify the topic into something more easily digestible. These videos are easier to interpret due to their highly visual aspect. Animated videos are also useful when your brand is looking to create content that is unique and impactful, as animation allows for much more creative freedom than live action videos.

Types Of Animated Videos

There are many types of videos that can be considered an animated video, including explainer videos, promotional videos, and corporate videos. Explainer videos can feature a step-by-step guide on how to use a specific product, provide more information about how the technology works, or highlight your brand’s culture and personality in an informative manner. Promotional videos are simply any video that is used to tell a story related to your brand in a way that consumers can connect with.

Corporate video refers to a video that captures the essence of your brand and is used to reach potential consumers. These videos will typically tell a story, which can range from the founding of your company to the launch of a new product. Within the animated video umbrella, videos can also come in forms such as whiteboard animation, stop motion animation, 2D or 3D animation, and motion graphics.