What is the Video Production Process?

There is a big difference between recording a video and producing a video. Anyone can take a recording – just tap the red button and aim the camera in the right direction. However, producing a quality video that can be used for marketing purposes is a lot trickier, so we’d like to walk through the basics of that process in this article.

What is the video production process

What you need to know

Let’s first talk about what video production means. This is a general term used to cover everything that needs to come together to create a video. That includes coming up with ideas for the video, planning out the shots, recording the video, and completing production to come away with a finished product.

Of course, different types of video will have different production processes, depending on the intended use for the recording. For example, a quick video shot on a smartphone and destined for social media might only be quickly edited before it is posted – and there might be almost no planning at all before you press record. On the other end of the spectrum, video for a movie will be planned for years and millions of dollars will be spent before all is said and done. These are both examples of video production, but they couldn’t be more different.

The General Outline

Having highlighted how much video production can vary from one type of project to the next, we can provide you with a basic outline of how the production process often develops.

  • Planning. The starting point of any video production process is the planning phase. This is when the ideas are presented, the goals of the video are determined, and some basic fundamentals are put in place like a budget and timeline.
    Pre-production. You can think of this as the formal phase of planning. Here, a script will be written (if one is needed), the actors will be selected, locations will be secured, and more. Pre-production is only finished when everything is in place to capture the video.
  • Production. It’s now time for the fun part. This is when the video is recorded and all of the planning work that has been done previously finally comes to life. If actors are involved, these are the days they will work, and it will be all hands on deck to capture the shots that are needed.
  • Post-production. To put the finishing touches on the video, post-production work is completed to edit the raw footage and bring everything together into a cohesive package. Again, the level of detail that is employed during post-production will depend on the end goal for the video and the budget available.

Learning how to produce a video at a high level of quality is an intimidating task – and you probably have plenty of other responsibilities on your plate. Consider working with Frenik Marketing Group for your video production projects, as we have the experience and knowledge needed to create beautiful finished pieces. Get in touch with our team today to learn more or to start your first project. We look forward to hearing from you!