What’s It Like Working
With A Video Production Company?

If you are planning to add video content to your marketing strategy, you may be considering working with a digital marketing agency that offers professional video production.

Video marketing is an essential media channel to dive into, as video content has the power to greatly benefit your brand. Videos are a great way to expand your reach and increase brand awareness, build trust and connect with your target audience, increase engagement with your brand, and use SEO to rank higher on search engines.



Before you begin

Viewers are much more likely to engage, share, and interact with online videos than readers are with blog posts, since it appeals to more senses than text can.

Since the audience can see, hear, and even feel the story behind your brand, there is greater potential for them to become dedicated consumers. Understanding these benefits highlights the importance of finding the right video production agency to make your vision come to life.

You may be wondering what to expect when working with a video production company. If you find the right one that suits your needs, it will make the process of creating videos much simpler and offer you an effective video marketing campaign. To make sure you are collaborating with the right agency, you should have an idea of your video in mind before beginning your search. This includes establishing your target audience and determining the purpose of your video–such as telling the story of your brand, sharing your company’s mission, raising awareness about your business, training your employees, appealing to investors, and more.

Once you have decided on the purpose of your video, this will help you find a video production agency that can make the right type of video to achieve your goal. Depending on what you want the video to convey, this could be training videos or educational videos, product demo videos, animated videos, social media videos, short videos, brand videos, live streams, explainer videos, client testimonials, or any video content that falls in between.

By this stage, you should have found a video production company that can offer exactly what you require to bring your story to the screen. Once you have selected an agency, the collaborative process can begin. This entails meeting with the video team to discuss the creation of your video campaign. In the first meeting, you should go over important points such as your budget and timeframe, your target audience, your call to action, and the style of storytelling you’re looking for (what kind of music should be included, whether it should be live action or animated, camera techniques you like or don’t like, etc.)

Although it is a collaborative effort and you want the video to follow your standards and guidelines, remember that you hired a professional agency for a reason. They will take your input into consideration and work to achieve the content you have in mind, but they also are experienced and know what works and what doesn’t. By giving the agency more creative freedom, their team can ensure your video has the reach and impact you want. The video production process should be a team effort between your companies, so take their advice into consideration.

When both teams are on the same page, the video creation can begin. This process will start with pre-production, where the agency plans the shoot–including storyboarding, A/B timelines, casting actors or reaching out to interviewees, hiring equipment, and scouting locations. After this stage is complete, the next stage is the production itself, which involves the actual shoot. In this stage, the agency will record or animate your video.

The last stage is post-production, where the video editing team will assemble a product using the footage and any effects and animation. When this is done, the agency will show you a rough cut of the video, allowing you to make any minor changes so that the content fits your expectations. If the video is approved, it is ready to be shared! Certain video production agencies will take care of this step too, as well as the marketing and analytic portion of distributing your content.