Why is Video Marketing So Effective?

As you have surely noticed, video is everywhere on today’s web. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are using video to promote their products and services, so it must be working. But why is it so effective, and should you get in on the action? Let’s dive into those questions below.


What you need to know

One of the biggest benefits of using video for marketing projects is the way a good video will capture and retain the attention of the audience. It’s that retention that is so important – you want people to hear your entire message, not just the start, and video is great at making that happen.

Compare video to something like a blog post, where the reader may get bored and move on after just a paragraph or two. Of course, capturing the attention of the viewer is not automatic with video, so you still need to have a compelling message and quality production to succeed.

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Improve Conversions
Boosting conversion rates is one of the ultimate goals for any digital marketer. Getting more conversions on any of your landing pages will mean great things for your business. Research has shown that including videos with your content will go a long way toward improving conversions, especially when that video contains useful information about how to use the product that is being sold.

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Establish Trust with the Audience
There is something about video that serves to build trust in a way that just can’t be accomplished with written content alone. People spend hours each day reading content on the web, so that content all tends to blend together and sound the same. But faces are memorable, and putting your face – or someone else in your company – on a video to talk about your products or services can go a long way toward forming a relationship and making a sale.


Suitable for Mobile
Have you ever tried to read a large wall of text on your mobile device? It’s not exactly an enjoyable experience. On the other hand, watching a video on a mobile device is perfectly natural and enjoyable. Since most internet traffic today comes via mobile, it only makes sense that video is starting to play such a primary role in the marketing landscape.

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Promote Sharing
When you create an excellent video that explains or entertains, a portion of your viewers will decide to share that video with their friends. Where someone might hesitate to recommend a long article to a friend because of how much time it takes to read, no one thinks twice about sharing videos on social media.

Video marketing works incredibly well, and the trend toward video isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. To put the power of video to work for your organization, lean on Frenik as your video production company of choice. Between our video marketing acumen and the rest of our promotional skills, we can do everything you need to reach new segments of the market and grow your operation. Thanks for stopping by!